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Teledyne acquiert le fondeur de mems Micralyne

Teledyne acquiert le fondeur de mems Micralyne

Le groupe américain Teledyne Technologies annonce l’acquisition du Canadien Micralyne pour un montant non précisé. Micralyne est spécialisé dans les prestations de fonderie pour la fabrication de mems. Teledyne possède déjà, via Teledyne Dalsa, une fonderie de mems au Québec.

Teledyne Technologies announced that its subsidiary, Teledyne Digital Imaging, has acquired Micralyne. Based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Micralyne is a privately-owned foundry providing Micro Electro Mechanical Systems or MEMS devices.

In particular, Micralyne possesses unique microfluidic technology for biotech applications, as well as capabilities in non-silicon-based MEMS (e.g. gold, polymers) often required for human body compatibility.

MEMS devices, which contain miniaturized mechanical and electro-mechanical elements, are manufactured using unique microfabrication techniques and process expertise. Through Teledyne DALSA, Teledyne’s existing MEMS foundry in Bromont, Quebec, supplies major companies with high-volume MEMS manufacturing for a wide range of applications including consumables used in life sciences and semiconductor fabrication. In its annual research report, the Status of the MEMS Industry 2019, Yole Développement cited Teledyne DALSA as a leading pure-play foundry for MEMS.

“Micralyne’s technology, processes, and strong product development pipeline ideally complement Teledyne’s state of the art 200 mm manufacturing capability and expertise,” said Robert Mehrabian, Executive Chairman of Teledyne. “The acquisition of Micralyne solidifies Teledyne as the number one independent multi-product MEMS foundry in the world.”

Teledyne is a provider of instrumentation, digital imaging products and software, aerospace and defense electronics, and engineered systems. Teledyne’s operations are primarily located in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Western and Northern Europe.


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