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SMART Modular Technologies acquiert Artesyn Embedded Computing et Inforce Computing

SMART Modular Technologies acquiert Artesyn Embedded Computing et Inforce Computing

La maison-mère du fabricant américain de modules mémoires SMART Modular Technologies a annoncé le 12 juillet le rachat d’Artesyn Embedded Computing pour 80 M$ et d’Inforce Computing pour 10 M$. Avec ces deux acquisitions, le groupe américain étend son offre de produits aux cartes embarquées pour les marchés du secteur fédéral, de la défense, de l’industrie, de l’informatique en périphérie de réseau, du grand public et des communications.

Voir la présentation des rachats

SMART Global Holdings is entering the embedded computing market through two acquisitions: Artesyn Embedded Computing, the embedded computing business of Artesyn Embedded Technologies, and Inforce Computing.

Artesyn Embedded Computing, a private company based in Arizona, is a provider of embedded computing solutions based on open standards such as ATCA, VMEbus, PCI Express and computer-on-module.

As part of the SMART Specialty Compute and Storage Solutions (SCSS) line of business it will serve a broad range of Defense, Industrial IoT (IIoT), Edge Computing, and Communications OEM customers. Artesyn Embedded Computing will become SMART Embedded Computing.

SMART has agreed to acquire Artesyn EC for $80 million in cash from the balance sheet. Performance-based considerations of approximately $10 million also will be paid if certain agreed-upon targets are achieved over the second half of this calendar year.

SMART Global Holdings also announced that it has acquired Inforce Computing, a privately held provider of modular embedded computing and IoT solutions targeting applications in Medical Imaging, Video Conferencing, AR/VR Computing, IIoT, Commercial Drones and Robotics.

Inforce Computing, based in California, is a developer of high-performance production-ready ARM ISA-based embedded computing platforms for IoT applications. Enhanced by key partnerships with companies such as Qualcomm and Marvell, Inforce designs and manufactures Snapdragon and Marvell processor-based system-on-modules (SOMs), single board computers (SBCs), and development kits. Inforce’s embedded technologies are enabling the next generation of connected devices.

SMART has agreed to acquire Inforce for a total of $12 million in cash and equity consideration. Inforce will also become a part of SCSS.

The SMART family of companies, headquartered in the U.S., are designers and manufacturers of systems and sub-system/modules serving industry for over 30 years. Through SMART Modular Technologies, the company has been supplying memory modules and sub-system solutions to a broad customer base of leading OEMs in Enterprise Computing, Networking and Communications, Enterprise Storage, Mobile and Industrial Automation markets.




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